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Traveling the spiraling web of life

beyond clouds of sounds.

Discovering the infinite extension

of all the levels, of all the various grounds.

See beyond your self-arranged destiny

and realize the Divine nature of all your plans.

Transcend every given moment,

every place and all sense of time.

Dissolve into the immensity

of an ascending climb.

Land into each stage of this sacred site.

Break free.

Let go of all your possessions.

Let go of all your attachments.

Let go of all your money.

Let go of all your plans.

Let go of your self and leave your ego behind.

Be enlightened by lightness

as you become subjected to the most magical

spell of an unidimensional and ethereal life.

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Would you please reappear?

Would you reveal yourself some more?

Show me more of your divine nature,

talk to me about your wide open soul.

I want to know who is hiding behind those eyes.

I wish to unmask the owner of that sacred smile.

I could swear that I've known you for a long time.

Maybe you are that image

that used to come to visit my dreams when I was a child.

Perhaps you are the person in the white horse

still wearing that black gown,

who used to appear to me only at night

and suddenly disappear when the light came on.

I am older now,

I am not scared anymore.

Come and visit me if you want.

I will run away from you no more.

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Hypnotized by the magical speed of life.

Floating through the events

like a free leaf flying over a calm pond.

Offering no resistance whatsoever,

welcoming all the obstacles,

transcending all the whirlwinds threatening me.

Where to stay?

Where to go?

Why not just end,

this eternal quest for more?

This is all there is!

A voice screams from above.

Don't you see that there is no need

for nothing else but pure love?

Love is your fulfiller,

the very servant of your thoughts.

Think big and conquer the world

with its power and its joy.

Go out and give it all up!

There is an unlimited amount of this healing powder

freely being poured into the spring of your peaceful heart.

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You are a character.

You embody all the personalities.

You play all the roles ever imagined.

You have the most wonderful sense of humor.

You have all the skills of an actor.

You are a strange combination, a mixture of

a magician and a clown living in one.

You must be humanitarian and loving.

Yet you have some characteristics of a dictator.

But you are also capable of selfless giving.

You could be the poorest person,

a starving soul suffering from scarcity.

You could be the happiest and richest person,

the owner of the largest gold mine.

You can show up at my sight,

like a spark surprising the ever evolving flow of time.

You can disappear at the blink of an eye,

leaving traces of your presence behind.

Where are you going?

What is your goal?

Why did you come into my life?

I would like to know what brought you near me.

I am eager to discover who you are, Mr. Clown.

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Living in two planes.

Inhabiting a body on this earth.

Breathing spirit into this universe.

Casting a spell of love onto those doomed inside.

Speaking truth to the starving souls.

Searching for the meaning of life.

Living a surreal existence.

Being a ghost caged in a human gown.

Touching the drowning spirits of the broken-hearted ones.

Ascending ever onwards

the spiraling web of life.

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Tricky reality we face everyday,

as we are living in a dreamland of unsolved mysteries.

Feeling like a stranger,

always contemplating from outside:

the past, the present and all the eras to come.

Omnipresent Spirit.

Omniscient child.

Every now and then, I forget

about this mission of just being human.

Every now and then, I forget

and I dissolve into the unlimited subtle world

of the most wonderful and infinite blazing light.

And when I am sent back,

I wonder why...

I wonder, Why people suffer?

I wonder, Why people are so sad?

I wonder, Why people don't smile?

I wonder, Why people are frustrated and unhappy?

I wonder, Why people live in constant self-delusion?

I wonder, and I keep wondering,


The only response I receive

is a divine calm understanding

that transcends all the circumstances

and flies over all ages and times.

And I don't continue to wonder any longer.

I just welcome that answer with a smile.

I turn around,

and I only find relief in:

joy, love and endless laughs.

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Sitting at a Bar downtown,

waiting to see a band.

The waitress comes

and curses at my ordering pure water served in my own glass.

She looks full of hatred at my innocent eyes,

and I smile back and give her a magical tip,

a shining coin from my heart.

The only purpose of this world

is commerce, money and fame.

Nobody cares for the rest.

It is more precious to have a glass of beer

than to drink a sip of sacred water and cheer.

All people want is to consume,

and to deny their purpose in life;

All people care about

is to fill up their empty spiritual gap

with the wrong stuff.

I do not know how the hell I ended up being who I am.

I refuse to fit in a society that worships lust and pride.

I refuse to be ruled.

I refuse to be corrupted and manipulated

by all the dirty tricks, society plays on our minds.

I refuse to abide by a useless, capitalist system.

I refuse to embrace a materialistic approach to life.

I refuse to accept a lifestyle totally devoid of deep values,

totally shallow and devoid of spirit and heart.

I refuse to participate in this show of

alcoholism, drugs, sex and addictive escapades.

Do not worry about me,

I will survive in spite of this world.

I will shine in spite of the lies.

I will give in spite of your greed.

I will just continue my life,

the one you cannot see, because you are all too busy

leading your superficial and deadly existence.

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36. MEN

Men want to talk,

men want to blab.

They want you to stay

and be forever by their side.

Few people know

the secret of giving,

without really expecting anything

or being totally deceiving.

I've been given plenty.

I've received a bunch.

Most of the times from the least expected ones.

I am hoping to reach a point of communion,

a state of deep universal communication,

where there is no need for any commitments,

where there is no distinction between women and men.

I don't want your sex.

I don't want your lust.

I want sublime intimacy.

I wish to feel that pure interaction

that brings the heart to a state of bliss.

Can you feel that towards every human being?

Can you feel love for everyone?

Can you feel that we are all but one person?

Can you respect and love unconditionally and independently

of all sexual, social, racial and economic backgrounds?

I really hope you can.

If you don't,

you are missing the point

and losing big time.

You are just experiencing an ever so tiny dose

of the most rewarding all-encompassing love

you'll ever taste and drink from.

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It is only through

an expectant, patient waiting

that one comes to understand

all that is required to be given up.

It is only in deep communion with Spirit,

in the most profound adoration and devotion,

that one finally comprehends

all that needs to be surrendered

in order to have access to a divine abundance,

of an eternal peace and calm.

It is only through heart-rooted meditation,

by stilling the mind and letting it rest behind,

that one realizes that

to satisfy the eager desire to fill the heart with wisdom,

it becomes a must to first empty it

of all its knowledge and memories of time.

Only through a constant act of willingly letting go

of all the rising pleasures and desires

caused by the devastating overstimulation,

one is going to reach

a higher state of connection to the Divine.

Only by gradually emptying ourselves

of all our egotistical interests

and giving them up for the sake of the whole,

we will come to realize

the presence of the spirit dwelling within us

and so, feel the blessing union of it all.

It takes a long time

to carefully dig out

all the dirty roots of time

and awake to receive anew

the spontaneous gifts of life.

If there is no room in our hearts,

if the land has not been properly cleaned

and the soil duly fertilized,

how is it going to sprout the seeds

to grow the happiness craved by our longing hearts?

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As one makes a decision,

everything else falls into place.

This decision forces one to focus all of one's energy

towards the target mine of our innermost goals.

There is a magical surgery

that takes place within one's inner core.

All the feelings and sensations pull us closer

to where we want to go,

simultaneously and magnetically attracting

all the necessary people we ought to meet,

all the places we ought to see,

all the experiences we ought to live.

One becomes overly aware of how transitory everything really is.

Something that until then is considered

to be the most absolute and permanent reality,

is transformed and molded according to an arbitrary divine will.

All our priorities take a different shape

as we broaden our horizons and openly

expand our evolving consciousness

to all the places to be known,

to all the sites,

to all the hearts.

Our bodies still somewhere here

yet the mind floats in a dreamland of thoughts,

in a vast ocean made of illusionary ideas.

Everything being carried out in perfect order

for accomplishing our innermost plan.

Everything evolving towards achieving our sacred goal.

Faith is the most invincible leader.

The spirit is the strong commander,

the wise captain of our souls.

All the rest no longer matters.

Our destiny has blended into the Divine.

Life is now evolving forward,

traveling the veil of deceiving illusion and time.

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