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40. Nobody can sell you your own peace

Nobody can sell you your peace;

that's something you'll have to find all on your own.

I wish it was that easy... how simple it'd be...

to always search outside and focus on all that shines

and keep pretending that it's all just fine...

Sorry to disappoint you. I don't mean to put you down...

But it's gonna be much,

way much harder than that.

Inner peace can not be purchased; it can't be given and it can't be stolen by anyone

but it can certainly be forgotten, lost behind a cloud of convoluted thoughts.

True peacefulness is like a precious treasure hiding deep within your soul

far away from all the fumes and lies polluting your naturally pure heart.

True peace and love... these two wonderful things don't come easily

but oh God... they are definitely worth a try...

I hear your story and I sense your eagerness for more...

I just wish I could give you some of that peace you crave

all beautifully wrapped up in words and sounds.

I'm sorry to disappoint you but unfortunately, I can't help you on that...

Peace, truth and love...are things that only you can figure out on your own

And let me tell you,

they are well worth a try...

The only advice I can give you

is to dive deep into the profound darkness within your wounded heart

and spend your time in there, searching deeper and deeper

until you find the light and you see the colors

gradually starting to shine the way to your peaceful path.

Sorry to tell you... but no confession, no guru, no wise-man or witch can give you that!

True peace is your deserved inheritance;

don't go about begging for what's already yours!

Don't keep wasting your time looking for something external

to forgive your twisted past and solve the puzzle of your long held struggles.

My friend, it seems so hard yet it's so simple...

You're the only one holding the key

to let go of your own self-imposed lies.

Don't let anybody convince you otherwise;

don't let anybody sell you your own peace

because they are only poisoning and betraying your heart.

Taste what's within you,

have a sip of your own blood,

spend a night in silence

staring at the twinkling stars brightening your inner sky.

Look at the infinite screen shining behind your eyes

and you'll be surprised to find an infinite source of wisdom freely given in that divine projection

and then you'll finally feel your innate peace magically returning to your heart

and suddenly brightening your life.

Well... let me tell you...

If you haven't yet ever done it...

It's really worth the try

because nobody can give you your peace,

that's something you've got to find all on your own

while communing in solitude with your soul.

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41. Pyramid Lake

Giant rocks

telling stories of ancient times;

all focus drawn on the rough surfaces

revealing long-hidden truths

of some remote past.

Pyramids of silver

lake of sacred blue waters;

natural temples of God.

Land of gold and silver

holding treasures whose roots go ever so deeply

traveling underneath the core of time.

The breeze whispering songs of an Indian tribe;

the sky reflecting the wounds of their broken hearts.

My soul pounding in a unison

with the beat of the holy drums

playing the beats of the earth and keeping perfect time.

A place so beautifully pure,

inhabited by the spirits of those who understand the miracle of the divine.

My heart hardly believing

what's in front of my eyes;

my breath gradually becoming subtle

while my body sits still as

the wholeness of silence conquers the mind.

Peace coloring it all in a bright light

suddenly there are not troubles concerning the heart.

My body is now floating

in the presence of the sacredness of this holy site.


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42. Black Rock Desert

A long deserted road to nowhere

two arms of protruding mountain ranges

hugging me from each side and holding me tight.

I'm back in the womb of earth;

I'm once again a child of the land.

The moon shines from behind, waving good-bye to the disappearing sun.

This huge white body of light

gradually shows me its blinding brightness

the way of the wise.

I close my eyes and see the colors of the other side.

I stop myself in awe until I can hear the perfect sound of silence

and I can feel the breeze taking the beat of my heart and my own breath

for a ride up the sky.

My soul is soaring high up,

moving along in between the top of the mountains;

my spirit is now free and dancing...

All of a sudden, my long history of grief

seems to make sense in the middle of all this.

I turn around and try to find the footprints of each step which led me here

but the moonlight is only highlighting a path full of dust and sand;

and whatever brought me here made all the difference yet it did not matter as much.

Everything seems irrelevant yet completely transcendental in the land of the divine;

I just contemplate in deep silence this incredible miracle of nature

and let myself drift with the flow of some magical spiritual vibes tenderly caressing my heart.

The silence is so profound that the only sound traveling to my ears

is the one coming from the mountains

echoing back my own breathing and the rhythmic beating of my heart.

When all there is left is the powerful presence of one's own soul

one's entire being dissolves into the ephemeral now.

I can feel the spirit transcending its old physical existence

into a new realm of freedom and love.

I'm now whole and peaceful

and nobody can rob my soul from my divinely guarded heart.


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43. A road in the middle of the Desert

The moon has two faces;

the sun opens the door to allow in the morning light.

The largest deserted beach ever imagined

once filled with sacred waters surrounded by statues made of diverse rocks

majestically standing in worshiping reverence to the sublime Creator of it all.

The cracked greyish soil marks paths which reveal million of steps,

marking the treks of many villages of Indians;

telling stories of the massacres committed to their lives and land.

Their spirits still floating around, dancing in between the dust

while dropping their tears and shedding their blood

blending in with the colors of that big celestial sky.

A vision so grieving yet dear

that my whole life disappears in the true essence of that site.

My body is left behind, lost and insignificant

like a corpse burned by the burning fire from the father sun.

Magical presence of a mystical memorial,

my soul spins around the mountains

while contemplating the perfection of an undescribable paradise.

Time suddenly stops,

minutes magically dissolve into pure nothingness

as the spirit soars free, infinite and divine.


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44. Innate Wisdom

The animals all know it;

they witnessed all the oppression and the cruel crimes.

They have undergone all of mankind's selfish rulings

and seen the mysteries of time unfold in front of their eyes...

The human lies travel through civilization with the speed of light.

The animal spirit goes about living keeping the secret the worst unknown atrocities.

Here in the middle of nowhere,

in a deserted road of silence they've stopped, looked at my eyes and come to my soul

to tell me the secrets of the hidden truths belonging to all of us.

They tell me about the mysteries that concern those who seek inner wisdom;

they've whispered revelations impossible to be seen by the human eye.

My heart is now speaking the language of nature with a mouth of stone,

my eyes are looking at this in wonder with eyes of diamonds.

My wounds are wide open

bleeding the tears of all the suffering which has been preserved in silence

and protected with disguises and corrupted deceptions long-believed as facts.

The stories of miseries all written with fire

recorded on these ancient rocks

now openly speaking truths to my soul.

I'm praying to remain awake to this reality.

I keep finding further clues and inner connections

in all these overwhelming paradoxes now dancing together with the contradictions

moving dynamically to the rhythm of the unfolding and ever-present now:

the carrier of all the periods of history, the deliverer of all there is to grasp.

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45. Conversing with Reality

How long will it take for me to actualize what I know must be done.

I'm letting my essence take over and claim its right to govern my life.

I've given a try to the city for seven long tedious years...

I've put up with violating noises, traffic, pollution and a mass of cement

caging my soul,

suffocating my heart and preventing my spirit from soaring in the warmth,

along the wide-open blue skies.

I cannot survive without shining under the splendorous light of the sun in the days

and under the white bath from the moonlight at night.

I can't go on deceiving myself while betraying my own heart.

There is something I ought to do here.

I'm claiming my right to take control again of my choices

I need to loyally move towards that path.

My spirit cannot survive in the city.

None of what that cluster of buildings and money offers me

can satisfy my heart.

I've now seen the other face of life,

while spending a few days in communion with nature

I've heard the wisdom being whispered to my heart.

Nature is where my home is,

my soul needs to be immersed in that sacred energy in order to live and shine.

My spirit feeds from the running sap of trees,

from the moon, from the birds, from the infinite sky and the stars.

My brothers and sisters are waiting for me to return to our homeland

and that's where I am headed now.

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46. The unknown

What's causing me so much fear?

What's the reason I can't seem to pursue

the only true thing that matters for me in life?

I've had enough lies and deceits living it all the American way,

surrounded by materialistic promises of empty happiness and massive consumerism

while keeping my soul starving and craving to get out of this caging dream.

I'm now committed and fully decided.

I've given the city many years of my life.

Now it's nature's turn to claim its right

to welcome my soul and guide me to a place of peace, harmony and love.

So you think that I'm living an utopia,

you say I can't fulfill my life purpose living in the land.

Well, that's not at all what my heart is telling me.

I'm being promised that if I blindly take these courageous steps,

my path will magically open in front of my eyes and I'll be able to be of service,

to give my love away and to protect my homeland.

Love knows no boundaries or time;

the more faithfully I live to that inner calling begging me to breathe pure air

and surround my spirit with wise, tall trees,

the more I'll be able to feel, to communicate and give of myself to humanity

in an attempt to translate the long-forgotten language of mother nature

to all those who need to be reminded of its teachings and infinite wisdom

pointing us to what matters most in life.

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47. Words from Spirit

What's with you spirit

that won't leave my mind alone.

I look around and see you magically sitting by my side.

I've met you before

maybe in another life.

I feel that I know you

but I can't recall what brought us apart in the past.

I stare at your eyes and recognize an old-lost friend.

I gather with you and it's like embracing a part of my soul.

An energy so familiar

why is it that I can't recall.

I can still feel the intensity of us meeting and intuitively knowing it all.

I am not afraid to face you. It's you who's got the choice.

Instead I'm stuck without having any saying.

My heart and soul are the captains who wisely guide my vessel

along this path of roses and thorns.

I am just waiting expectantly for you to come over

to see if it's just my heart singing this song.

Is yours in tune with my rhythm or are you detached from

this melody of love.

I can't explain how this can happened but I know what's coming

and I am sitting here waiting in awe.

48. Accusations

You accuse me of something out of not dealing with what's truly wrong.

We both know there is something missing;

why is it so hard to admit it and just let go.

It's nobody's fault,

these are just feelings which naturally come and go;

there is nothing that can change our situation,

there's no way to return the past to its lost host.

I'm sorry to disappoint you.

I'm sorry to have to go.

I can't explain what's got into me

but my spirit is singing in tune with a new voice.

Nature's calling me

I have to at least try to see

what secrets are hidden behind this loud invitation to give up my city life

and faithful and loyally return to the land.

I am sorry to disappoint you;

I feel terrible for causing such pain in your life...

I don't have words to explain it,

the soul leaves certain footprints

which can not possibly be translated into any language

therefore making it harder to understand...

I wish you'd trust me and accompany me in pursuing this important path;

we each have our own choices and I must embrace mine...

Hopefully, I'll start walking and when I look around

I'll see you somewhere in the sight of my close vicinity,

maybe even very close to me,

perhaps holding my hand and blindly strolling by my side.

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49. Awesome Feeling

Contemplating the wonder

of the most magical site

admiring in awe the features

of the face of the earth.

Walking bare-foot across the creek,

feeling the cool water purifying my soul:

a baptism of faith,

a free gift from some incredible force.

The heart wide open

as my entire ego lets go

the sky witnesses with its sharp blue eyes

dropping tears of joy over my naked soul.

The rocks receive each of my steps

as if my path were a sacred pilgrimage.

The birds gather around me

singing songs that reach the core of my heart.

I try to reconsider choices

from some old life.

I look ahead and project myself in the surface of the lake

and observe the unfoldment of my innermost call.

I am asked to be of service

I am requested to surrender control

I am told to be loyal

and respond to this loud and commanding inner voice.

My whole being dances

and worships this gift,

freely handed to all those who wish to live without restrictions

and feed from the sacred waters of this magical spiritual pond.

I am nothing yet everything existing encompasses my body

and I can finally let go and just allow myself to go with the flow.

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50. Peace

Words disappear,

silence sets in

the mind is quiet

when there is peace within.

The river flows south

taking along some heavy stones,

removing all obstacles blocking the course of its flow.

Life is enhanced

when the spirit shines through

and there is no more confusion...

Nothing can possibly compare to this sublime communion,

the divine embodiment of long hidden truths.

All mysteries revealed,

old questions fading away as the puzzle is magically solved.

There are no more distractions,

there are no more desires,

all wishes granted in this one moment of truth.

Pure love fully experienced

as the river flows peacefully

and all the holy sounds of nature

gradually enter my entire being.

I cannot resist;

I just surrender

all this infinite wisdom silently approaching my body

and tamely conquering my soul.

I am now lost in perfect paradise.

There is no turning back.

Nothing material matters

you're now endless freedom

spreading into untouchable energy,

showering with fragrant flowers

your entire infinite existence.

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51. Total Bliss

When was the last time you let your self dissolve in nature

and lay on the ground until you find a rock perfectly molded for your body,

and felt it embrace you like a sacred vessel and caress your very soul?

When was the last time you stared in great wonder at this most spectacular show:

the breeze whispering words to your ears, those sounds singing melodies to your inner child?

You stay there until you are not you anymore

and some divine spirit comes to take over your body

and takes you for a ride in the glowing energy

of this amazingly recharging site.

You can't resist because there is no longer a you to rely on...

Your spirit now rejoices and your body moves with some hidden power,

as if guided to perform the ritual of some long-forgotten ceremony from your native past.

Your limbs become branches,

your face transforms into the sun

and your entire body develops roots that dive into the earth so deeply,

moving rapidly while traveling through the layers of time.

Then you reach the womb of the earth

and you start hearing again the beat of this sacred land

playing in unison with the rhythms of your mother's heart.

There is nothing left to lose once you've given your spirit to the soil;

now your are all pure soul and infinite breath,

so your heart slows down and tunes itself with the songs of the universe

and all your memories drop down into your heart as if they were tears falling from the sky.

You let the wonderful hands of the divine lift you up

and take you for a spin around all the witnessing trees,

up to the highest branches, above the surface of this galaxy...

And in the middle of that mystical experience you travel up high

beyond the clouds, way beyond anything ever seen by the human eye.

At that point you have transcended this existence and any concept of time

at this moment you have entered the realm of sublime peace with it all.

Don't let any more words out trying to describe this overwhelming feeling...

Just observe and contemplate it all in deep reverence.

You have been invited to unzip and rip off the gown covering your only true life.

Don't say a single thing,

Enjoy it! It shall forever be there whenever you wish to visit and let go.


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52. Echoes from Beyond

Voices are calling

the sounds are getting quite loud;

home is now ever so near

yet excuses still abound...

I can't keep deceiving my own inner truth,

powerful feelings presenting a straightforward view.

It's all about challenges and learning to use the tools...

The skills we've been handed, the ideas that come in

the dreams that settle in our hearts, the winds that torment our souls.

It feels as if there should be a big fire,

some trouble that I can not speak of...

Something keeps pounding and calling;

saying I cannot run away from my own true love.

I blindly take baby steps into the unknown,

my heart following as I move along...

I'm not quite sure where I'm heading.

I know that nature is leading this show

expecting good progress while offering me its sacred support...

I just don't understand where I'm headed

but I'm afraid I've got to go...

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53. Spiritual Angel

Walking in silence

trees witnessing my path...

The sky wide open

my heart now waiting for another of your smiles.

There is something special about you,

something profound;

words mean nothing

when communication is carried by means beyond syllables

yet using the language of the heart.

I think you see what's next to come.

I allow myself to feel emotions springing from deep inside...

I don't know what to expect of you.

I can't really tell what you expect of me.

All I know is that something speaks from within

and the rest is just an evolving dance rolling

as I'm learning to take steps in territories never explored,

loudly calling me now.

Is it my mind playing games or are you that connected,

always communicating new vibes?

I sit and feel.

I close my eyes and smile.

I don't really fear anything;

I'm just perceiving you so near...

Yet it's a proximity beyond any possible touch;

your presence now so powerfully visiting my heart.

Let's not give up on this intercommunion.

I can tell that there is something building bridges

where there were just ashes.

I can see you spirit raising all this immense energy

decorating with colorful rainbows my path.

A divine understanding

an aura which encompasses it all.

Thanks for coming into my path friendly spirit.

Thanks for acknowledging the content of my heart.

Not everybody speaks so tenderly and dearly without ever using the mouth.

I'll remain open to your random visits...

Please don't abandon me;

Let's just continue this dance.

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54. Living in the Illusion

Often people attempt to live their lives backwards.

They try to have more things and money

in order to do more of what they crave deep inside

and they believe this will make them much happier.


They don't see that life works exactly in the reverse way:

You first have to be who you really are.

Then you must do what you need to do from the bottom of your heart

in order to achieve what you truly want deep inside.


Don't let your brain convince you that making a living

you will find your happiness and your bliss all at once,

because you are in for quite a big surprise.


Believe me, my dear fellow parteners in life,

the things that matter...those, money can not buy.


So if you really care about living

start giving of yourself and sharing your soul with those around;

begin by placing your priorities right by walking along the path of your heart

and you will be rewarded with a life full of bliss, peace and harmony all around.


55. What are you all about?

What are you about:

all truth or all lies?

What are you thinking of inside your fast-paced business mind?

Any time left for any content of the heart?

Is all your precious life devoted to making what really counts?


I have seen the greatest shadows overcast the sweetest dreams.

I have seen all the blue waters gradually turn black and overflow sacred paths.

I have witnessed the clear skies grow a long grey beard way beyond the highest high-rise.

I have smelled the scents of roses and I have also seen them go rotten at the blink of an eye.

I have seen two lovers meet and then depart after a dirty fight.

I have seen the light and the dark side of all the stories involving humankind.

And, let me tell you it is not a nice narration of our past.

Nothing to be too proud of, not much to brag about.

Lots to question and lots more to be relearned for this limited and self-restricted mind.

This whole sarcasm will not stop until we all

put our act together and make it right.

I can only take care of my own lot

and I can dearly hope that my seeds of honor, truth, honesty and peace

are taken blissfully by the breeze and spread all over my neighbors' grounds.

I can only hope for the best for this entire world of races, money, prestige and facades.

I can only beg for some peace and for some truth beyond the depth of any one of your rich pockets.

I kneel down in front of a naked tree in the early fall

and silently pray for the best in us to come forward hoping that we all magically smarten up.

I close my eyes and fly up high,

I breathe in deeply and smell the fragrancy of the earth

and dream of a land where there is no greed and

no empty conquests for money and fame devoid of any heart.

Do you want my heart?

Do you wish to taste some of my soul?

Then don't insult me by offering your money to me but look straight at my eyes and

say a prayer on behalf of your truth and promise with the true intent of your heart.

Good intentions followed by accordingly greater deeds is all the proof I need.

That will suffice for me to know whether you are all about truths or all about lies.

Don't say a word.

I don't need to hear what's to come.

Stay true to your deepest essence and abide by the guidance of your heart.

Then I'll know that you are all about truths and nothing about lies.

If you hurt me it's not me who will lose

but you the one who'll be wounded

and will have to deal with consequences of your own betrayal.

So watch out before you act,

the weapon you are using can backfire and burn your own heart.


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