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You drive your Mercedes and

fill your kids with expensive knowledge.

You give them all the tools to become the best businessmen.

What about thinking about them being human?

Did you ever think of investing some of your money towards the development of their art?

Do you want them to think for themselves or become slaves to your doctrines of life?

A mass of expectations is bound to bump into some frustration!

I feel sorry for you. You are such a greedy millionaire

that you're not ashamed to call me to negotiate for a lousy dollar.

You try to convince me on the grounds that you have to watch your budget.

You try to instill pity and make yourself a victim of me trying to earn a living.

Give me a break! All you greedy people, who can never get enough.

You are the kind of person that would squeeze blood from the life of a horse.

Well, let me tell you something. I am tired of your manipulating business blab.

One day you tell me, "I am a little bit short", with the innocence of a child,

as you drive away in a Limousine to the airport, on your way to buy a resort

somewhere at the other end of the coast.

Do you know what? I do not give a dam about your dollar.

You can take it greedy bustard!

Judging from your desperation you obviously need it more than I do.

I can do without it, you just can't.

You tell me you do, yet a second later you grab it and claim it to be yours.

You are so full of shit that you forget in a blink of an eye

the depth of your empty arguments and of all your groundless lies.

Your speech disgusts me, so studied and fake, pretending that you care,

just to pave your way to that extra dime, which shall enlarge your account.

You know what I have to respond to that?

You've won! You've won the battle of the greediest.

You've won the battle of the most heartless.

You've won the battle that makes this society an island of riches like you,

totally disconnected, devoid of feelings and any sense of compassion.

You have too much and you take too much,

yet you give nothing and you do not even share your smile.

Well, I have news for you! Go ahead, keep your lousy dollar,

let it grow roots in your pockets until they overflow

and they become filled with your rotten money

and can swim in the waters of your own splendor.

You definitely do need your millions to fill in your gap of total spiritual emptiness.

You need your millions to teach you the hardest lesson you'll ever learn.

One day you shall look at your bank statement,

you'll see the substantial funds and be proud of your large figures

but you will not have a heart. You will be lonely like a rat.

And you will drown in the most frightening spiritual void.

You will encounter death and you will not know what to do

when you find out that all your cash cannot buy you anything,

not even a gown to cover your past.

You'll look back at your life and you will see

that nothing of what you possess can be taken to the other side.

That day you shall comprehend the true purpose of life...

And you will wish you've had a second chance.

That day, you will reflect on the contents of your heart.

That day you will see the empty value of your fortune,

That day all the riches in spirit will be celebrating

while you will discover that all along

all those you proudly fucked around were the rich ones

and you were the poor at heart.

Good luck my friend.

Maybe you should wonder why...

Perhaps you should give this a thought

and consider why you are so attached to that dollar.

Good luck my friend,

I hope you can see what shines in my eyes today

as I happily walk with my reduced check and

you greedily take off with your extra dollar,

proudly feeling its weight in your pants.

Good bye my friend, I can still smile at all times.

Can you still smile when you put your head on your pillow every night?

What mask do you wear when you are all on your own?

Is there anybody behind this greedy businessman to show him some love?

One more favor I dare ask before I go,

if your soul ever knocks so hard at your heart

that some day you happen to hear it

and by some fluke you open your tightly fenced door:

Would you please share all those extra loonies you've accumulated

with somebody truly in need of a coin?

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Why am I so different

from all the rest of society...?

Only God shall really know that.

Why I do not seem to find the answers

for the questions which ambush my daily path?

Why Nothing seems to be enough?

Why was I born to dream and travel in time?

Why can't I just surrender to the fact

that I shall never find peace in this world.

Why no amount of time

seems to be enough

for me to dream on and travel to some exotic land?

I shall forever keep searching ...

But I shall never stop...

What's our destiny getting ready for us?

What's that which we build ourselves out of our own effort and time?

This state of constant ignorance drives me mad

forever tormented by feelings of hopeless anxiety, tossed like a leaf in autumn by doubts.

Maybe a similar madman,

perhaps a delirious man,

or maybe a sailor,

an errant soul,

someday, I shall find.

Somebody special and different,

somebody who can understand and accept

that I am not the same as the rest,

that I am different from everybody else on this land.


naive and sweet child

that maybe some day you shall wake up.

Wait, in expectant deep silence for

the eternity you've been longing for all your life.

The world seems so different,

Why do I perceive reality in such an awkward way?

Where is that delirious person?

Will a lover come to bring me the truth that I've been looking for?

I carry on walking, I continue moving confidently along my path,

yet this society does not seem to make any sense to my childish eyes.

Why are we born to live and die

without ever finding that divine peace we've all been longing for?

Am I the only one

who questions even my own solitude?

Maybe I have been born in a different era,

in a different world that does not know how to love?

Life goes on,

do not get distracted,

and everything shall be revealed to you in due time...

There are so many reasons why I do not dare land...

"Security", you shall never arrive.

Security, not even time shall bring you by my side...

Security: that's just each day,

it's only each single evolving second and nothing else.

Security is just each moment, lived in the presence of the now.

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Throughout this flowing struggle

which we tend to call "life"

you sometimes have to lose in order to win.

The wrong forces will pull you in all directions

trying to convince you to get awards for things that don't matter to you.

Never listen. Do not pay heed to those demands from the fashions of the mass.

Keep yourself focused. Keep yourself alert and concentrated

with your sight constantly stabbed deep into the soul of your path.

Connect to your inner feelings, learn to know all your emotions and desires.

Become a master of your reactions. Learn to observe your cravings

with the cynicism of a magician looking at the eyes of his astonished fans.

Sometimes, in order to win you necessarily have to lose.

Who cares after all?

Who do you want to impress?... The clowns, the fools or the inner you?

I'm through with fake accomplishments,

I am through with vices,

I'm through with pretenses.

I'm through with useless gossiping,

I'm through with all the obscene, greedy rules of this society.

I have my heart living up high,

according to the standard of my inner sight.

I have my feet planted into the ground of faith

connected to all the roots which ever existed

and dissolved into the rich soil of the dead.

I have ears of silence

and a mouth of clay.

I have hands of fire

and a heart devoid of frivolous desires.

I have eyes of diamond

and a body of light.

I am the loser in this game of life,

the one who has completely lost her mind.

I am the poor, yet the one keeping my tender smile.

So, may I ask?

Who is really the loser and who is the clown?

Sometimes, I wonder if the rules imprinted in one's hearts

have been painfully eroded

by the blowing waves of our egotism, selfishness and hatred

governing the ocean of our human blood.

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Today I woke up early, looked out the window

and found out that it was raining and completely overcast.

I put on my raincoat, opened the door, sank into the humid morning breeze

and embraced the day with a tender welcoming love and a wide open smile.

On the way I met a little girl.

She asked me if she could pet my dog.

I told her to go ahead: "His name is Sunny Days."

She gracefully rubbed the dog's head and as she walked away

with a sad tone in her childish voice, she expressed: "I'd wish today was a Sunny day!"

Oh well..., I said, rest assured that somewhere the sun is shining today ...

She kept on walking on her way and I continued my path giving thanks to the sky.

As I left the little girl behind,

I recalled the times when I would anxiously look outside

and depend on the shining sun to dry out my tears

and throw some light into my melancholic eyes.

I, just like her, also used to wait expectantly for a Sunny day.

Now, that I have faced all the seasons and all the storms, I wonder...

What is it that we are so afraid of?

Is it of getting wet, or of having our masks wash off revealing our naked souls?

Something magical has happened since then,

now I know that every day is a sunny one.

Now I am certain that every day the sun is shining deep inside

and I exist in a state of peace and joy

just from knowing that the only sun that shines

is that fire that burns from within and no amount of rain can ever put out.

That light comes from deep inside and

and gives unconditional warmth and unlimited love.

Now my happiness does not depend on those Sunny Days.

That is why I named my dog this way.

Just to refresh my memory and bring myself to the awareness

that the sun is shining in every moment of our lives,

once we can take pleasure in seeing the intertwined spiritual bonds underlying it all.

Upon this realization we never doubt that every day is the best one.

Upon this realization, every day is bright and offers a song of grace and love.

Every day brings us its full present of beauty

and one's happiness does not depend any longer on the constant flux of the cycles of light,

but on the only absolute eternal light shining within our hearts.

I hope this little girl discovers her own lamp hidden inside

and eventually becomes a moving light,

illuminating the darkness covered up by the clouds.

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Cross the mountain of your desires,

land in the plane of the Divine.

Find all your wishes fulfilled:

in the absence of fear,

in the presence of God.

Join your brothers and sisters

in a quest for the only treasure to be found.

Search deep inside you,

look into the deepest areas of your heart;

until darkness becomes so obscure,

that it gives way to the omnipresent Light.

Contemplate it in profound silence

and meditate in its power.

That is the precious God

you've been searching for all your life.

That Light is your soul,

the living spirit dwelling in your heart.

That Light shall never perish;

it shall eternally illuminate and guide your life.

It is the everlasting Light,

the very breath of God.

It is all the universe,

all the places ever seen or to be found.

It withholds all the centuries of wisdom;

all the ages: future, present and past.

Contemplate it.

Learn from it.

Become that.

Your mission after your initiation

is to become givers of this Light.

You are to become masters

that spread joy and happiness

derived from the peace found in this Light.

You are to show it to others,

you are to color with Love and Faith,

the life of each and every passer by.

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I want to shout,

I want to scream;

how can I touch the empty hearts

bleeding from their miseries.

Walk out once in the morning sun,

stroll down paths never explored by your thoughts.

Find the state devoid of time,

that sacred place called Paradise.

Throw out all your fears,

receive the blessings

of a reborn soul.

Discover the infinite

in the skies above it all.

Wash away your tears of sadness

with the divine peace found beyond the unknown.

Transcend your body,

dissolve into the nature of it all.

Step into the womb of Nature,

let its wisdom penetrate your mind

and plant seeds of joy in your soul.


Remain in silence,

contemplate your vanishing thoughts.

Surrender to everything and expect nothing.

Smile and cheer for the Eternity of your soul.

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Poets trying to express ancient teachings of the soul.

Painters trying to portray the rituals of this world;

coloring images, giving shape to thoughts,

drawing the mysteries of the unknown.

Musicians playing songs in an eternal journey,

longing to create what they really want.

Everyone struggling to let go.

Everyone trying to tune in with the spirit

that speaks truth and moves one into wise action and thought.

A few peaceful beings, relaxed, floating with the flow;

surrendered to the great play of the unknown;

receptive to be given the unpredictable plans of the soul.

Some trying to impress rather than express.

Playing roles without a heart,

faking smiles that reveal the lies hiding behind the eyes.

People deceived in an art exhibition,

trying to elucidate the secret from the ones who seem to know.

Everyone passing judgement on external appearances,

lost in a battle of fame and success;

overlooking the real meaning of this all.

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Dead or alive?

Who has any right to judge?

The living ones pass judgement

over those ones committing suicide.

The dead wait in expectation

for the next coming ones

deciding to take away their own lives;

and for those other ones whose lives

are abruptly taken by God.

A suicidal person is considered a coward.

Who can dare say that?

Who has any right to decide?

What if the suicidal, instead of a 'loser'

escaping from this sick society;

happened to be the only brave, courageous one

undergoing the challenge of willingly dying?

Everyone is ready to judge the victim of its own crime.

But who has the right to say:

Who is right or who is wrong?

It is an open question,

there is no real answer...

But the one spoken in one's heart.

What is this world of gossiping and injustice all about?

Stop judging,

respect each and everyone as they are.

No matter their actions,

no matter their decisions or their beliefs,

no matter their inhibitions or exhibitions,

behind each human being

there is a soul.

That Spirit, that dwells in every living body, is God.

It's that same spiritual plane that the dead join,

which in essence,

is part of the same spiritual web of life.

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Pack your life in a compact suitcase

and set for a trip to nowhere.

Let your body and mind get lost

in the confusion of transcendental thoughts,

in the unknown territory of an ancient

yet new spiritual dimension for your lost soul.

Following your intuition, walking on faith;

each step, takes you to some foreign land.

And the body gradually melts into this new space

never explored by your restricted human mind.

Close your eyes and open your inner sight.

Jump into the disappearing scenes;

where all matter is transformed into air

and all the colors reveal your own eternity.

Look at the whole world vanish in front of you.

Observe the cosmos dissolve into nothingness.

See beyond your physical blindness

the source of your very soul

and watch for the impossible

breath into you, a totally new life.

Spend the night in a star.

Walk on the moon,

pay a visit to Mars and

touch the sun.

Taste a freeing sip from the sea.

Rest on the living rocks;

as you are cleansed from all the contamination

of an overload from some rotten, polluted past.

Remain there until you are no longer you,

and your soul has opened the suitcase

where your true life was trapped.

See yourself become no one, nowhere;

just a free spirit breathing in and out life,

opening the cages from all the imprisoned ones.

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Men of all ages,

workers overtime,

laborers of an empty routine

devoid of any heart.

Worshipers of materialism,

frames and busy schedules;

totally devoted to time,

victims of a dime.

A man crying in the streets;

a mother forgetting about the existence of her son.

Many tears of sadness

dropping from the sky.

Only a few smiling faces

standing out from the crowds,

spreading joy of life,

giving away free smiles.

Walking outside the picture,

a total foreigner

to this sarcastic play of life.

Spirits wandering...

Disguised in a teacher,

in a musician, in a cashier,

in a poet, in the faces of the poor...

Constantly carrying out their mission from up high.

Let everyone become perfect.

Release all the power trapped inside.

Explode in laughter.

Kill with love

all egotistical pride.

Make for once of this world

a Paradise, a pleasant place

to live Eternity and shine.

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A baby crying for attention,

A little soul begging for some love.

The mother and the father are absent,

far away from their home,

gone for the day, to their jobs.

What is this world of delusion?

People constantly deceiving themselves,

over-involved in their continuos activities,

forever carrying out their non-stop mechanic routines;

completely devoid of any passion,

totally lacking true love.

So many frustrated workers

returning exhausted to their homes;

projecting their anger onto everyone;

reflecting their pain and sorrow

onto whomever they come across.

Some of those robots shall never stop.

Some shall never stop, to reconsider their fearful thoughts.

They carry on, they keep going;

victims of their numerous limitations,

always trapped in a cage of restrictions and imposed inhibitions.

They are eternally longing for happiness and excitement,

but yet they never find the treasure they are blindly looking for.

They get lost in temporary gratifications

but fail short of any lasting joy.

Faith knocks at their door,

everyday, every action;

but they are deaf to the divine call

and keep walking without ever searching

beyond the window of their souls.

Others, somewhat more fortunate,

do discover along their journey,

the spirit that holds life

and breathes God in every minute of their beating existence,

in every thought, in every place,

in every object and in every soul.

They feel the omnipresent source of love;

all around, below and above.

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If you knew that I would die tomorrow,

you would not hurt me tonight.

If I knew that I'd never see you again,

I would have never stabbed you like that.

If we were to die together,

we would never dare take each other for granted,

not even for a blink of an eye.

Because beyond hurting one another,

it would seriously offend and insult God.

In this journey for the Divine

sometimes the self takes over

and ruins our peace of mind.

The ego becomes the captain

and takes full command.

In this spiritual trip to heaven

every now and then,

we draw ourselves away from what's right.

We forget the other,

and we cause pain to our most intimate brother

and offend our loving ones.

This time you wasted is now gone for all eternity,

it shall never come back.

This time which we have spent away from love

has affected the peace of the whole.

Before you continue your journey,

stop and make sure

that you are still embracing life with love.

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We ought to give a transcendental meaning to our lives,


that which gives meaning to 'life'

gives meaning to 'death'.

It is useless to try to resist

that which cannot be changed.

It is useless to be stubborn

in trying to alter the natural cycles of life.

It is useless to insist in not accepting

the Divine plans.

Because, ours: - the human plans -

are limited and terrestrial.

Instead, the Divine ones

are infinite and eternal,

sublime and sacred,

because they are illuminated

by the plentiful Divine Light.

We ought to have the necessary FAITH

to trust that God shall grant us wisdom

to choose the best colors

to paint the picture of our lives,

so that at the end of our days,

such painting can become a true sample,

a masterpiece,

capable of portraying the highest summit of our spirituality.

So that on our death

we can enjoy the most sublime and eternal PEACE of mind.

I am proud of you,

because your days were colors

which shaped the rainbow;

because your prayers had true meaning,

because in many aspects,

looking at it with the eyes of a little girl,

seeing it with the tenderness of an adolescent,

analyzing it with the objectivity of an adult child:

I consider that 'the picture of your life'

has the perfection of a true work of art

and each of your days,

the harmony of a poem.

Do not cry,

do not shed tears of sorrow.


Because today the sky is holding a big celebration

and all the angels are singing your name

to welcome you back home.

Dedicated to my wonderful grandma on the day of her death

when upon entering her departure from her body

she came to me to pay me her last visit

as I was peacefully walking by the lake.

She suddenly appeared dressed in a gown of light in front of my eyes

and blessed me with her most magical farewell hug.

I shall never forget her spiritual presence flying away

and leaving me immersed in the most wonderful spiritual sight.

That day I did not need to attend to the funeral,

that day I did not need to cry,

that day was one of the most wonderful days of my life.

That day I did not give any excuses,

that day I grabbed a bunch of her favorite jasmine flowers

and I sat by the lagoon to sing my joy to the shining sun.

It was a beautiful day in April

and I just sat in deep silence and watched the doves fly high in the sky.

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