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Veronica and Sunny Days 
a rescued dog needing a home from the
Animal Rescue Mission 
 ~ Canada ~
by Verónica Muñoz
"My goal is to inspire us, citizens of this world to act, to feel and behave humanely. In this way we can hope to build a world full of harmony, compassion, love and peace where we can all share and protect our environment and all living and non-living things on this planet."

"I feel that all the answers to all our questions can be found in Nature, by silently tuning into its wise pace and perfect laws, we can learn so much wisdom to live a lifetime of peace and joy."

Join me in making this world a better place!

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Job title
Author and writer of books of a creative and spiritual content regarding Learning Languages, Traveling our Spiritual Journey and living and leading a compassionate lifestyle which promotes equality, freedom and peace among all species, people and things existing on our planet. Spanish & English Professional Translator and Interpreter. Veronica is also available to give presentations on Humane Education, Animal Rights, Eco-living and other related global issues.

Veronica's goal & purpose

To use all my skills and my "magnetic personality" to help others reach a state of bliss and joy through the means that helped me achieve it. This is by reconnecting to that voice speaking within, by being in close proximity to Nature or by just questioning what we are told to be, think and do. I want to raise awareness of Nature, human rights, social justice and equality and animal rights issues. I wish to help people feel the need to protect the environment and recover the interconnection of all these just mentioned values in society by bringing people to experience their true authentic feelings about all these issues first-hand. In the case of Nature, by walking through it, touching it, involving and immersing themselves in it until they feel one with it and they can develop an overwhelming desire to embrace it, love it and protect it.

My goal is to inspire us, citizens of this world to act, feel and behave humanely and to embrace their own uniqueness. To inspire each individual to find their own original means to manifest in their outer realities their own essence through their own unique and personal forms and ways. We each have different faces and we also each come with unique talents and characteristics.

If we are not shining and exposing our unique nature we are depriving ourselves and others of our very contribution to this huge puzzle of humanity and we would not be partaking in painting this beautiful art work we are all collectively painting each bringing forward our unique colors and vibrancy.

We all must find what it is that makes us unique for it is the diversity and the differences which give us the opportunity to grow and share our gift to others.

In this way we can hope to build a world full of harmony, compassion, love and peace where we can all share and protect our environment and all living and non-living things on this planet. I am very optimistic that this can happen. I am willing to work towards this goal. I believe that if each person does his/her share in reconnecting to his/her inner voice, great miracles can happen! One single person making an effort to work towards social and global justice and equality seems like hardly any force in the Universe. However, the joint effort of many individuals pursuing such goals can change the world and make all our dreams of a cruelty-free world full of love and peace come true.

I feel that all the answers to all our questions can be found in Nature, by silently tuning into its wise pace and perfect laws, we can learn so much wisdom to live a lifetime of peace and joy. Nature teaches us to be humble, to cherish our individuality and that which makes us unique and to live in a simple yet honorable way following the path of our heart, just like a stick lets itself be gracefully carried by the tide.

I want to make people go beyond their submissive minds and reach and touch their hearts by creatively addressing all these controversial issues. Helping them in this way reconnect to who they really are, to help them realize that making compassionate choices is their main responsibility in life. No matter your age or past, now is the best time to start and redefine all your past choices and make the necessary changes towards embracing these issues according to the mandate of your soul and heart and not by blindly following those coming from outside.

If I could actively work towards this goal of mine, I would feel that I would be fulfilling my life purpose on this planet to its full potential. I would feel that I would be doing something directly towards building a more compassionate, loving and peaceful world for all of us people, nature and our friends the animals to live in.

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Veronica's skills:

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Key responsibilities
Verónica's goal is to be a dedicated speaker and motivator on behalf of social, human, animal and environmental justice and peace on this Planet. Her responsibility as a writer is to communicate to others all the messages she receives from the Earth and to translate all the pains, sorrows and ills she sees and perceives in this world to the rest of society. She is acting as a translator from the Earth to people, from the Animals to people and from the spiritual to the material world. In this way she is hoping to promote critical thinking and offer alternative facts and significant sources of information to help people redefine their actual relationship patterns established towards the way they behave in regards to the Earth, other people and living beings. Her objective is to trigger within all readers a critical review of old patterns and ways of relating to everyday surroundings in order to make positive changes that can lead one towards leading a more integrating and compassionate life in ways that work for each of us.

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Personal Interests

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Biographical Information

Veronica was born in Argentina where she grew up in close proximity to wild lands and lakes. This created a strong and solid bond to Nature which her heart worships and cherishes each rising day and each falling night. At the age of 13 she moved with her family to live in the States. There she learned English and had the opportunity to finish High School at a young age. Two years later she went back to Argentina and enrolled in her English/Spanish Translation Studies, Law Studies and Social Psychology. Upon her Graduation she won a Scholarship which brought her back to the USA to MN where she lived for a year. The various fields of studies she pursued taught her that the soul of languages lies in communication and brought her to create a unique and interactive method for teaching languages. Since being a little girl she was fond of communicating openly and enthusiastically. At a very young age she turn to her wirting as a means to pour all her thoughts and innermost feelings about life into welcoming blank paper. She has been writing and expressing herself through this means ever since. She has written six books for learning Spanish, a book on how to improve One's Potential for Learning Languages, a book compiling all her poems called "Traveling the Veil of Illusion" and a novel in the form of a meomoir based on her personal story called "Tales from a Dream Before it Happened."

Writing springs from her heart and it has help her understand and discover ways to deal with the constant flux of events and circumstances that life brings one's way. Writing has helped Veronica cope with hard times such as recovering from Anorexia and to express her greatest pleasures and feelings of bliss and overwhelming love inspired by her various trips, by her traveling adventures and specially by her inseparable companion: Mother Nature.

She presently lives in Toronto, Canada where she leads a simple life. She beleives that happiness can be experienced when we stop depending on our endless desire for having and owning things. Therefore, the is always trying to simplify her life more and more. She loves to walk by the lake every morning which sets her heart in a state of peace and joy for the rest of her day. Everyday she embraces the opportunity for change and for redifyinig a step further her life in a way that can be more welcoming of all people, animals and the planet. By keeping this positive and on-the edge outlook at life as she challenges herself to be gradually more and more true to the path of her heart, she's managed to leave behind an oppresive meat-eating culture in order to embrace a vegan lifestyle. Her sight is wide and broad and eagerly focused towards advancing along her spiritual path in spite and because of all the arising hardships and obstacles. No matter what circumstances life brings her way, she stops, takes in a full breath, looks up to the sky and always finds strentgh, courage and faith to walk that extra mile, to redifine her life, to explore options and live with a receptive and open mind while reaching a constant state of serenity , peace and harmony in spite of the constant change and flux of all external circumstances.

She now hopes to help others feel their sacred connection to the Earth, to the animals and to others by means of her art, her writing and her motivational talks. She is commited towards helping to build a more compassionate and human world where there is an overwhelming sense of peace, joy, harmony and equality. She smiles and she manages to be optimistic in a world which constantly surprises us with new ills, wars and strives. In spite of all the ills of society she still chooses to believe, to have blind faith and wholeheartedlty feels that "As long as there is a heart faithful beating to the inner calling coming from deep within, there is hope for the best to come out of every person and there is hope for all of us to become messangers of love who will freely and willingly spend our lives giving and spreading this most precious healing gift to the world."


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