I hope at one point throughout the rise of the sun and its fall as it gives way to the moonlight we all find some peace for acknowledging this miracle being performed at all times and connecting with the wonderful energy derived from being aware, from being vibrantly alive at all levels of one's life and in connection to all life: in, within, outside and around us.

I hope for this summer solstice to remind myself and share with those whom I love, that: 'the most meaningful things should never be surrendered to those least meaningful ones.' I wish to refresh with the power of the everflowing love and energy springing from within and around all of me today what are those priorities which mostly govern my life and if they are indeed in tune with my heart and soul or if they have gone out of whack at any point along my journey. I wish to align those unbalanced aspects within and without me so that I may be in a balanced state of full contentment and peace to radiate the magic of the binding and energizing love connecting us all. I wish to reconnect to those pure seeds which got me going on whichever track or path I seem to be heading, with whatever activity I've chosen to do, with whichever life I've chosen to live; so that I may have a reality check and see if somewhere along my steps I've lost track of what was my initial intention: the very heart of that true heart-felt impulse which got me in motion to embrace my path in the first place.

It's so easy to lose sight, to get caught in the frivolities of everyday life, to give up of what is truly valuable and important in one's life for something which is not just not feeding and fulfilling us but it is indeed depriving us of love, of life, of magic, of reverence. Don't go through this life half-asleep, half-giving, half-living, make sure you get to taste the very gist of life and access the very zest of loving, of passion, of living.

This solstice, just as all days, is a perfect day to bring our lives to focus and redefine what is really important to us and see if we are living our lives accordingly at all levels or if we are in serious need of alignment. Look around and you will find magic everywhere you'll see, people with wide-open hearts and smiles ready to share some of their own peace and sunshine, some of their love and deepest insights. Embrace them and your life will shine like the sun!

For this summer solstice just like any other ever evolving second of my life, I close my eyes, look within, inwards and dive into the ocean of the blazing light with the intention of nurturing myself, all others, and all my surroundings with the most profound awareness of love and the eagerness to give it away, to share it, to pour it freely and willingly to all those who come in contact with me. Look at the sun, powerful evershining star, it gives of its radiance to all of us: to all things, to all places; independently of color, shape, age, size, texture, taste...

Let's learn from the Sun and have reverence for all and give away of what is truly important to us in order to make the most out of this time we get on this earthly realm to lead a meaningful life full of true, infinite love and ever-renewed pure intentions.

Every day remember to renew your vision!

Love and peace always,


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All information above is copyright of Verónica Muñoz
Last revised: June 21, 2001.